Power Hour of Fun is an accidental social phenomenon.

Hi, I’m Elise Granata and I’m the founder of the Power Hour of Fun. I created Power Hour after I had just moved to California. It was my 23rd birthday party. I was new in town, had a lot of new friends who didn’t know one another, and desperately, desperately wanted to avoid the awkward dinner party thing. I wanted to create something meaningful and disarmingly fun. An experience that helped strangers connect with one another.

Enter: the Power Hour of Fun. One hour. Sixty different group activities each lasting one precious minute. At best, I expected social chaos and a few sweet pictures on Instagram later.

Instead, we accidentally created a social phenomenon.

It was surreal. I saw coworkers hoisting my friend’s kid up on a chair doing the Hora during the ‘Wedding Reception Minute’. Ex-boyfriends doodling on each other’s arms during ‘Speed Tattoo Minute’. People from opposite ends of my life crying and laughing in deep conversation during 'Tell Your Life Story Minute’.

We stumbled on something powerful. Something that had the potential to connect total strangers through moments of delight and intimacy and glee.

It was such a hit that I spun it off for other public events, teambuilding, and conferences around the country. In every environment, Power Hour continues to do what it did so well at that first birthday party in 2014: it gives adults permission to be silly, lose themselves, and connect with new people.

And let’s be real: it is just so much better than an icebreaker. Bring Power Hour to you.