The 'Power Hour of Fun' gives adults the freedom to be goofy, one minute at a time

By Wallace Baine for the Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/19/17

Too often, fun lies just on the other side of self-conscious weirdness. Genuine human-to-human connection is just beyond the threshold of social awkwardness.

An upcoming event at the Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz acknowledges that awkwardness and looks to capitalize on it by offering up one simple question:

You can do just about anything for a minute, can’t you?

It’s called the “Power Hour of Fun,” and it takes place at the MAH on Friday evening and it could one day be a hugely popular way to meet new people and turn mere acquaintances into friends.



by Fleur Williams for Local Santa Cruz 1/15/17


There are many ways to process the upcoming Inauguration Day on January 20. One minute of yelling at the top of your lungs with 150 other people may be one of the most cathartic. Luckily, this will be just one of the stress-relieving, ice-breaking, joy-inducing activities taking place at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History this coming Friday during Power Hour of Fun.

This participatory time-based event provides one non-stop hour of 60 different social and artful experiences, happening back-to-back every single minute. Power Hour of Fun was founded in November 2014 by the MAH’s Community Manager, Elise Granata. The event was initially designed to bring people together in celebration for Granata’s birthday party. Since then, she has developed the concept into a large-scale, interactive event that has been a sensation at conferences, events and parties around the Bay Area and New York.