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Get Silly. Lose Yourself. Connect With Humans.

POWER HOUR OF FUN is a non-stop hour of minute-long, back-to-back, awesomely fun experiences for a crowd of people to delight in together.

You will arm wrestle with strangers, meditate with friends, high five 100 people, and race through 57 other playful, competitive, and just plain weird activities…if you can last the hour.

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Experience It Yourself



Give your team permission to play and create joyful connections with an unforgettable experience.



Bring new audiences to your door with an innovative, customizable, and readymade event to activate your space.



Share an epic night with your friends and ditch the stress of coming up with your own activities.

Past Clients

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“Every Power Hour has broken down barriers and built creative energy like no other art experience I’ve had. Everywhere is full of divisions and social boundaries. The Power Hour can help bridge them.”

— Nina Simon, Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

“Power Hour is an extremely unique experience that everyone should try! Elise has amazing energy that is contagious. Everyone loved it, was able to engage, and connect well with others. ”

— Laura Kakolewski, National Arts Marketing Project Manager

“I’ve already cried with you, hugged you, and told you I love you— do I really need to be introduced to you?”

— Participant, after being introduced to another person who just experienced Power Hour